Judy G - Using is an Option - For a Change - Meeting 121

September 30, 2022 Justin B / Judy G Episode 121
Judy G - Using is an Option - For a Change - Meeting 121
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Judy started drinking and using other drugs around age 13. Ten years later she'd been kicked out of three schools, was homeless, had contracted Hepatitis C from sharing dirty needles and had lost the respect of everyone, including herself. Faced with the choice between an early grave and abstinence, she thought curing her disease would be a way out, and got into recovery in 1986. Since then, her career has combined teaching students about the brain and studying the causes and consequences of drug addiction. Judy recently wrote a book for a lay audience synthesizing these endeavors entitled, Never Enough: The Neuroscience and Experience of Addiction.  

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Resources from this meeting:
Never Enough:  the neuroscience and experience of addiction
Big Book of AA

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