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Justin B

An Addiction Recovery Lunch-hour Speaker Meeting. A new guest speaker with at least 1 year sobriety from any addiction, and who is actively working in recovery, will speak for 20 - 25 minutes each week on a specific recovery topic. This will be followed by a moderated 20 - 25 minute Q & A session from the live audience. The live speaker meetings will be held on Zoom each Friday at 10:00 AM Pacific time. To attend the live recordings and have the opportunity of asking questions of the guest, please send an email to and request to get on the invitation list. All aspects of recovery will eventually be covered, including but not limited to: Steps, Blessings of Recovery, Relapse Prevention, Sponsoring, Specific aspects of recovery, What to do if I relapse, etc. We will strive to keep our speakers honest and real, while also encouraging them to use language that all can enjoy and feel safe listening to.

Recent Episodes

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