Sarvy P - Step 2 - Meeting 92

March 11, 2022 Justin B / Sarvy P Episode 92
Sarvy P - Step 2 - Meeting 92
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Step 2 is:  “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity”.  Sarvy P came in through the back doors of SLAA to discover she had a debilitating addiction to marijuana. A mother of two small children, she could not afford to lose a single thing more. By God’s grace, she woke up. From Iran to Toronto to California, the immigrant experience is interwoven into her journey as an addict. Sarvy has ventured from disconnection and denial to alignment and awakening. Her story is about somebody who had a sudden and profound spiritual experience, and through staying in the work, has been enabled to continue to allow big doses of God into her life. 

Reco12 is an organization with the mission of learning and sharing the similarities of addiction of all kinds and gaining and sharing tools and hope from others who are walking a similar path.  Speakers from our past meetings have represented many fellowships and identify with addictions with such variety of alcoholism, drugs, food, sex, gambling, theft, just to name a few.  

Each Friday at noon central time, we hold a live, lunch-hour speaker meeting with a recovering addict from anywhere on Earth, pertaining to any or no faith tradition, and with any background, who shares their experience, strength, and hope on a specified recovery topic of their choice.  For the 12 week period from March 4, 2022 through May 20th, 2022, we will be focusing on each of the 12 Steps of Recovery.  Our speaker today will share for 20-25 minutes on her experience with Step 2, and then the live audience gets the opportunity to ask questions of her for another 20-25 minutes.

Reco12 is a self-supporting service and we appreciate your help in keeping it that way.  We gratefully accept contributions to help cover the costs of the Zoom platform, podcast platform, web hosting, and administrative costs.  To contribute, you can go to  or you can click the link to PayPal (  in the chat of the live meeting.  When you contribute, please specify the meeting number.  This is meeting number 92.   

Resources from this meeting:
Marijuana Anonymous
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
Alcoholics Anonymous

Outro music is “Standing Still” by Cory Ellsworth and Randy Kartchner, performed by Mike Eldred and Elizabeth Wolfe.  This song, and/or the entire soundtrack for the future Broadway musical, “Crosses:  A Musical of Hope”, can be purchased here:   This song is used with the  permission of Cory Ellsworth.

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