Kimia - Step 12 - Meeting 102

May 20, 2022 Justin B / Kimia Episode 102
Kimia - Step 12 - Meeting 102
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Step 12 is:  “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.”

Here is a little about Kimia:  

Kimia is one of the founding members of the Big Book Sponsorship Group, an online Twelve Steps global recovery network - incepted from the Toronto Wednesday SLAA Big Book Meeting -  also known as Spiritual Gangsters on WhatsApp. She has entered the world of recovery via the rooms of CA, Al-Anon and SLAA in Toronto and has never left. An intelligent agent of Love and a spearhead of God's ever advancing Creation, Kimia has dedicated her life to full-time service, serving humynkind in their desire to stop living out a pattern of addiction and connecting the suffering newcomer to a sponsor who would guide them through a one on one study of the steps as described in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. 

From building a comprehensive network of Big Book sponsorship for all addictions and afflictions to training and empowering other recovering fellows to be of service, Kimia remains humbled in the fundamental understanding that helping others is the foundation stone of her recovery - that nothing will so much insure immunity from drinking/thinking as intensive work with other alcoholics/addicts.

Reco12 is an organization with the mission of learning and sharing the similarities of addiction of all kinds and gaining and sharing tools and hope from others who are walking a similar path.  Speakers from our past meetings have represented many fellowships and identify with addictions with such variety of alcoholism, drugs, food, sex, gambling, theft, co-dependency, and several anon groups, just to name a few.  

Each Friday at noon central time, we hold a live, lunch-hour speaker meeting with a recovering addict from anywhere on Earth, pertaining to any or no faith tradition, and with any background, who shares their experience, strength, and hope on a specified recovery topic of their choice.

Reco12 is a self-supporting service and we appreciate your help in keeping it that way.  We gratefully accept contributions to help cover the costs of the Zoom platform, podcast platform, web hosting, and administrative costs.  To contribute, you can go to  or you can click the link to PayPal (  in the chat of the live meeting.  When you contribute, please specify the meeting number.  This is meeting number 102.

Resources from this meeting:
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