Lydz G - We Do Recover (and Laugh Again) After Violence - Meeting 109

July 08, 2022 Justin B / Lydz G Episode 109
Lydz G - We Do Recover (and Laugh Again) After Violence - Meeting 109
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Show Notes

Lydz G (aka Lydia) is a multimedia experimental artist and activist who came into the rooms of 12 step to heal from Domestic Violence. As a self-described Native Glitter Tomboy Lesbian™, Lydz thought they were too niche or too broken to heal, and genuinely Google searched "is it possible to have friends and laugh again after violence" before beginning the step work of 12 step recovery. 

Today, they are privileged to share the tools they used to regain their sense of humanity, connect deeper in the communities they're a part of, repair relationships that suffered, and gain a host of new lifelong friends. They are in the process of learning how to show up and use the 12 steps to make the world safer for fellow Queer folks, BIPOC, and trauma survivors; including reading works about addiction recovery by some of their favorite revolutionary authors. 

They also have good news for people with similar search histories: recovery, connection, and being restored to laughing IS possible. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous says "why shouldn't we laugh? We have recovered and have been given the Power to help others". You're not alone - we recover together, and we're building a future that NEEDS you.

Reco12 is an organization with the mission of learning and sharing the similarities of addiction of all kinds and gaining and sharing tools and hope from others who are walking a similar path. We come together from all places, faiths ,and backgrounds to gain tools and hope from others who are walking a similar path. Speakers from our past meetings have represented many fellowships and identify with addictions with such variety of alcoholism, drugs, food, sex, gambling, theft, co-dependency, and the anon groups.  

We invite recovering addicts with at least 1 year sobriety and who are actively working their recovery in their respective fellowships to share their experience, strength and hope on a live Zoom webinar, each Friday at 12:00 pm central time, for 20-25 minutes. Then, we, the live audience, get the opportunity to ask questions of the speaker for another 20-25 minutes. 

Reco12 is a self-supporting service and we appreciate your help in keeping it that way. We gratefully accept contributions to help cover the costs of the Zoom platform, podcast platform, web hosting, and administrative costs. To contribute, you can go to  or you can click the link to PayPal (  in the chat of the live meeting. When you contribute, please specify the meeting number. This is meeting number 109.

Resources from today's meeting:
12Steps4Hours Workbook
Drop the Rock

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