Sara B - Big Book Solution for Co-Dependents - Meeting 118

September 09, 2022 Justin B / Sara B Episode 118
Sara B - Big Book Solution for Co-Dependents - Meeting 118
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Show Notes

Sarah B identifies as a blackout codependent. She has been a member of Codependents Anonymous for almost 7 years. Sarah spent 18 months in the rooms of CoDA attending meetings weekly. Although learning a lot about the disease of codependency, sponsorship was not a part of her meetings. Eventually, Sarah helped start a step study group within the fellowship so that members could work the steps in recovery using the Big Book. This still continues today.  However, after yet another bottom and yet another failed relationship, Sarah needed more help than simply going to meetings. Even the coda step study was insufficient to provide Sarah with the help she desperately needed. 2.5 years ago, by the grace of God, she found a sponsor in the rooms of SLAA who believed in the undiluted message of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. 3 months later, Sarah was rocketed in the fourth dimension of existence. She went from being suicidal, anxiety ridden, and hopeless to being happy, joyous and free. Since then, Sarah has been on a mission to sponsor members of coda and share the Big Book message with those who still suffer. In March 2020, Sarah started “The Spiritual Solution” group of Codependents Anonymous on Monday nights at 8:00 pm. This is a women’s group whose primary purpose is to connect untreated codependents to recovered codependents who can guide the newcomer through a personalized study of the Big Book of AA. 

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