Richie Norton - Pause. Ask A Better Question - Anti-Time Management - Meeting 119

September 16, 2022 Justin B / Richie Norton Episode 119
Richie Norton - Pause. Ask A Better Question - Anti-Time Management - Meeting 119
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RICHIE NORTON is an award-winning author and serial entrepreneur.  An executive coach to CEOs, he is featured in Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post. Pacific Business News recognized Richie as one of the Top Forty Under 40 “best and brightest young businessmen” in Hawaii. Richie is one of the world’s leading thinkers and Top 100 coaches as honored by MG100. He is the CEO and Cofounder of PROUDUCT—an INC. 5000 company—a global entrepreneurship solution helping businesses go from idea to market with full-service sourcing, product strategy, and end-to-end supply chain. He is the author of several books including Anti-Time Management, The Power of Starting Something Stupid and Résumés Are Dead and What to Do About It. Richie was born and raised in San Diego before moving to Brazil and then Hawaii. Richie is happily married to Natalie. They have four boys (one son already made his way to Heaven) and they have cared for three beloved foster children. They live on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, with their little dog, Velzy.

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(Cont.) Richie Norton - Pause. Ask A Better Question - Anti-Time Management - Meeting 119