Angie H - Journey In Recovery - Step 8 - Episode 140

December 19, 2022 Justin B / Angie H Episode 140
Angie H - Journey In Recovery - Step 8 - Episode 140
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Show Notes

In this Reco12 Episode of the Journey In Recovery series, we will hear from Angie H, who also spoke in previous Reco12 Meetings #10 and #38, as she shares her experience, strength, and hope on Step 8.  Angie, a lustaholic, sharing her path of addiction and recovery. In this conversation, Angie talks tactfully but completely honestly about the path of destruction that she had unknowingly left in her wake after some traumatic experiences in her childhood. She shares of her awakening to her own situation and he journey to make things right with herself, with God, and with her fellow humans, not the least of which, her family. This is a powerful conversation that may open the eyes of some of our listeners. Lust, sex, and other related addictions are not a men-only issue. And I am grateful that this stigma is being broken down, as it is a positive thing for all people to start to remove the stigma of all addictions, including sexual addiction.

Back in 2019 I was hosting another podcast called Journey Through Life, it was a long-form conversation/interview style podcast.  It was not recovery related, although I was actively working my recovery.  Duriing this time, I felt compelled by my Higher Power to do a series on the Journey Through Life podcast called Journey in Recovery.  In this series, I interviewed 16 people over a 3 month period on each of the 12 Steps of Recovery.  It was during this 3 month period that my own recovery walk was radically changed and my vision of what the Steps can do for anyone, anywhere, from any background was drastically opened up.  

Reco12 is an organization with the mission of learning and sharing the similarities of addiction of all kinds and the similarities of recovery from all afflictions and addictions, and gaining and sharing tools and hope from others who are trudging this road. We are an open meeting for ALL, no matter your life experiences, faith traditions, nationality, or background.  

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