Ian S - The 10th Step & Its Promises - Meeting 151

February 17, 2023 Justin B / Ian S Episode 151
Ian S - The 10th Step & Its Promises - Meeting 151
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Show Notes

Ian is a recovered alcoholic of the sort described in the book Alcoholics Anonymous. He has an abnormal reaction to alcohol—but much more troublesome is the way he reacts to the absence of alcohol. Ian started drinking when he was a teenage boy, but it was in his 30s that he discovered his “utter inability to leave it alone, no matter how great the necessity or wish.” (p.34) This lack of power was not curable by any human power: neither expensive rehabilitation centers, nor the love he has for his beautiful four-year-old son, nor any other method he tried could free him from the insidious insanity of that first drink. But then, Ian had a profound spiritual experience, midwifed by a man who had suffered the same difficulty and found the same solution: the Twelve-Step program of spiritual action outlined in the same book that described my trouble exactly. Over the course of ten days, his sponsor took him through all twelve steps and he experienced complete recovery from that seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. He has not had a drink since. The 10th Step Promises play a huge role in his recovery.
Resources from this meeting:
Big Book of AA
Alcoholics Anonymous
Spiritual Gangsters Meetings

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