Justin's Mistake Part 2 - Meeting 157 with Anita H

March 31, 2023 Justin B Episode 157
Justin's Mistake Part 2 - Meeting 157 with Anita H
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Show Notes

Well...  I did it again... for the second time in 157 meetings.  I forgot to hit record when we started the meeting.  I will keep the summary of things below of what she talked about, and this quick recording is me trying to summarize Anita's share as well as taking responsibility for my error.  As was brought up in the meeting, "We will not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it."  Well... as much as I currently regret that I messed this up, I trust that soon enough, it can and will be used as something that I can draw from in the future to help another or myself in a hard time.  

Anita H is from Spokane, WA.  She was born and raised there.  Here sobriety birthday from alcohol is 11/21/2018.  She previously worked as a chef.  That is where her alcoholism started, or so she thought.  In all actuality, from about 14 or 15 years old, she was already planning how she would drink.  Then at the age of 19, she began drinking.  At age 20, one of her co-workers died right in front of her and that experience caused PTSD.  This is when her alcoholism really got bad.  She was chasing alcohol to try to get the images out of her head.  She nearly drank herself to death in 2018, and the damage she did to her organs from this drinking is permanent.

She says that each day comes with new challenges, but she has to take it one day at a time.  Alcohol, Anita says, does not care who you are, how many degrees you have, how rich you are, or how much you are loved by others.  She shares in this meeting how she strives to stay strong through the cravings that still happen.

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Big Book of AA

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