Laura Palmer - Taking the Shame Out of Addiction - Meeting 161

April 28, 2023 Justin B / Laura Palmer Episode 161
Laura Palmer - Taking the Shame Out of Addiction - Meeting 161
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Show Notes

Laura is a mom of 4 who started struggling with a pain pill addiction with her last baby. Her struggle got terrible due to an epidural injury. The next 2 years were chaos and a decline that she didn’t even know was possible.  She racked up 5 felonies and jail and  prison time and thousands of dollars in fees and penalties. But her Higher Power, Christ saw her out of her addiction and now she gets to help others eliminate the shame in their own addiction story and find @the.road.back. Which, by the way, is her Instagram handle. Laura has been clean off of opiates now since May 27, 2014 and she also refuses to take pain meds, even through multiple surgeries.  She states that when she commits to God that she won’t take those drugs, God takes the pain, and makes the situation bearable.

Reco12 is an organization with the mission of learning and sharing the similarities of addiction of all kinds and gaining and sharing tools and hope from others who are walking a similar path.  We come together from all places, faiths and backgrounds to gain tools and hope from others who are walking a similar path.  Speakers from our past meetings have represented so many fellowships, addictions, and afflictions.  And we look forward to continuing to add to the diversity of speakers and backgrounds. 

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The newest Reco12 Recovery Resource is called “The First 164” and is a Big Book Study with The Recovery Guy, Robert P.  The first meeting will be today, April 14, at 4:00 pm eastern time.  The Zoom ID that you can get into the meeting with is:  87954532608 no password needed. 

Outro music is “Standing Still” by Cory Ellsworth and Randy Kartchner, performed by Mike Eldred and Elizabeth Wolfe.  This song, and/or the entire soundtrack for the future Broadway musical, “Crosses:  A Musical of Hope”, can be purchased here: This song is used

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