Joseph O - Page 63 of the Big Book of AA - Meeting 163

May 11, 2023 Justin B / Joseph O Episode 163
Joseph O - Page 63 of the Big Book of AA - Meeting 163
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Show Notes

Joseph O. grew up on Long Island, New York. He graduated college with degrees in Psychology & Economics, but he would say his real major was Independent Study in Drugs & Behavior. He made a geographic shift to Los Angeles to get away from his drinking companions & start fresh but still made no real investment in Recovery. In LA he maintained some abstinence over 10 months or so but picked up again when a girlfriend moved on. Very rapidly he lost his job, apartment, and car and found himself on Skid Row living in a Christian mission with 200 other bottom rung cases. Finally on February 29, 1996 he crawled up the steps of a Jewish rehab. He was blessed with a great sponsor that got him into the work quickly and made the process fun & understandable. He was very active in AA around LA. Three years ago He moved to Jerusalem to continue his studies to become a Rabbi. Joseph is a proud member of Spiritual Gangsters and a believer that Alcoholism is a condition he needs to tread even today. Joseph attends meetings daily, leads a Book Study twice weekly focusing on going line by line in order to understand & apply the authentic message as a lifestyle. He has a sponsor and he sponsors & has a God Squad that he can rely on for feedback & support that is Program based. Joseph is a member of Jerusalem AA and active with Intergroup as Chairman of Public Information and member of H&I where he dedicates time to bringing the message to Rehabilitation facilities & jails. Page 63 of the Big Book is where he strives to live.

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