Ellen S - Surrender: Hitting a Second Bottom - Meeting 66

September 10, 2021 Justin B / Ellen S Episode 66
Ellen S - Surrender: Hitting a Second Bottom - Meeting 66
Show Notes

Ellen S. came across the Big Book rooms nearly 5 years ago, and treated the program as an alternative to therapy. She took from the program what she wanted, and left the rest in the rooms. Because her life began to get better anyway, this worked for a time. Until she had achieved every major goal her “self” from 5 years ago had set out to do, and her anxiety only grew stronger. This was her second bottom. It had to be thoroughly proven to her that she was an addict at heart. She has a body allergy to living life on life's terms. Wealth, relationship, career - all of it can be a “log” if she pursues them selfishly. All are a gift in God's will. BB p 334: an alcoholic cannot both control and enjoy his drinking. She could not both run her life, and enjoy living it too. Even if her actions changed little, her motivations had to align with God's constantly. If she doesn't live in surrender, she can't live at all.

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