Andrew and Sara - Intimacy in Marriage: Creating Something Out of Nothing - Meeting 115

August 19, 2022 Justin B / Andrew P / Sara P Episode 115
Andrew and Sara - Intimacy in Marriage: Creating Something Out of Nothing - Meeting 115
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Andrew and Sara were a previous speaker on meeting 83.  This is a fantastic follow-up to that meeting.  Here is a little about Andrew and Sara.

I am Andrew, and a 47 year old recovering sexaholic, sober over 6 years. I joined SA fellowship over 11 years ago, . My primary fellowship is Sexaholics Anonymous, i have sponsor and few sponsees,  I have also worked the steps in CODA  (codependency program).  I am also clean from drugs for over 23 years. Recently I started to do part-time work as an addiction therapist in a small clinic that specializes in sex addiction.  In recovery I found God and God's guidance, and thanks to His grace I have been married for more than 2 years to my lovely wife Sara whom I first met in SA. I am living the life I had never expected to be possible for me.

My name is Sara. I am a 30 year old recovering sex addict, sober from lust thanks to God's grace for more than 4.5 years. I have worked the 12 step program with a sponsor and served as a sponsor to other female sex addicts in our fellowship. Since I am married to another recovering sex addict I am also part of the S-Anon fellowship which helps me to address the patterns of codependency and heal from them as well. When I first joined the SA fellowship I was a broken woman. I felt like my life was over. I reached my lowest low and didn't expect there was any decent life possible after that. But God in His goodness made me recover rapidly and soon after gave me my wonderful husband and best friend- Andrew. We have our highs and lows but mutual faith and the 12 steps principles keep us close and make our marriage flourish.

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(Cont.) Andrew and Sara - Intimacy in Marriage: Creating Something Out of Nothing - Meeting 115