Phil L - Journey In Recovery - Step 12 - Episode 144

December 30, 2022 Justin B / Phil L Episode 144
Phil L - Journey In Recovery - Step 12 - Episode 144
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Show Notes

Just a quick heads up. This, is one of the most powerful conversations I have had thus far in the Journey in Recovery series. I feel that this is a vital episode to share with young men and young women as parents feel it an appropriate age to do so. But this story starts at the age of 12 and is really relatable to many issues of today.  This week we will be talking with Phil about Step 12. Phil’s story starts at 12 years old with exposure to internet pornography and quickly spins out of control to suicidal thoughts and plans. We follow his journey and desperate search for healing and a return to the feelings he had before he was exposed to pornography.   Phil was a guest speaker on Reco12 previously on meeting number 20

Back in 2019 I was hosting another podcast called Journey Through Life, it was a long-form conversation/interview style podcast.  It was not recovery related, although I was actively working my recovery.  Duriing this time, I felt compelled by my Higher Power to do a series on the Journey Through Life podcast called Journey in Recovery.  In this series, I interviewed 16 people over a 3 month period on each of the 12 Steps of Recovery.  It was during this 3 month period that my own recovery walk was radically changed and my vision of what the Steps can do for anyone, anywhere, from any background was drastically opened up.

This is the last Journey in Recovery episode in the series.  We will be back to the live speaker meetings starting on Jan 6, 2023.  To get in on those meetings go to and get on that email list. 

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